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Nature’s bounty, cultivated with care and elegantly prepared

Miyagi has been a leading food producing region for over four hundred years. Warm and cool ocean currents meet off the coast, resulting in an abundance of marine life and one of the world’s greatest fishing grounds. Inland, rivers, rain, and snow melt support abundant harvests and provide the pure water necessary to brew sake and whisky of the finest quality. Enjoy fresh ingredients prepared exquisitely by highly trained chefs at Michelin-starred restaurants, or straight from the source at seafood huts and farmhouse cafes run by the fishermen and farmers themselves.


The pleasure of local cuisine is in more than just eating. Dining in local establishments, you can mingle with locals and even the chefs themselves.  Deepen your appreciation with a glimpse into the industry—watch a tuna auction or tour a sake brewery. Learn tricks of the trade through hands-on culinary workshops like oyster harvesting and sushi making. The background and know-how you’ll acquire from behind-the-scenes experiences like these will have you enjoying the delicious cuisine and local food culture all the more.

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