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Rejuvenate body and mind with natural hot springs, heartwarming animal encounters, and more

Miyagi Prefecture offers a myriad of ways for visitors to relax and refresh, from spa getaways, to nature retreats and animal companionship. When it comes to onsen hot springs, the diversity Miyagi offers is remarkable: Akiu and Sakunami present an authentic onsen experience while being only 30 minutes away from the heart of metropolitan Sendai; Naruko is a little more remote, yet boasts 8 hot spring qualities out of the 10 existing in Japan, unrivaled in their quality and abundance; for those who seek a lean yet deep onsen experience, Miyagi also has a long history of toji, self-catering simple stays at natural onsen hot springs prized for their curative properties. One unique relaxation experience Miyagi is renowned for is meeting adorable animals. Tashirojima in Ishinomaki is known as a cat island, with cats densely populating its streets, while Fox Village in southern Miyagi lets you come very close to fluffy foxes.

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