Relaxation & Wellness

Rejuvenate body and mind with natural hot springs, heartwarming animal encounters, and more

Miyagi offers a myriad of ways for visitors to relax and refresh, from spa getaways to nature retreats and animal companionship. Nurture the body with healing hot springs and delicious meals made with locally grown ingredients. Nurture the spirit with everything from soothing nature to enlightening temple experiences.


Miyagi has a long history of toji, stays at natural onsen hot springs prized for their curative properties. Onsen here range from rustic outdoor baths hewn from boulders to luxurious spa-like facilities. Healthy, fresh food is an ideal complement to the healing hot springs. An agricultural powerhouse, Miyagi offers traditional Japanese cuisine and fresh Western fare abundant in locally sourced ingredients.


Expand your spiritual horizons meditating with monks at a Zen temple. Warm your heart meeting adorable animals, like cats and deer who live on their very own islands. Or even just take it easy lying on one of the best beaches in Japan. No matter how you decide to spend your time, a stay in Miyagi will leave you a healthier, happier person.

Relaxation & Wellness


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