History & Tradition

A rich cultural legacy shaped by folk traditions and samurai warriors

Miyagi Prefecture offers many ways for visitors to experience traditional Japanese culture, from prehistoric to the age of samurai to the early modern Meiji era. Jogi presents an authentic Buddhist temple village atmosphere while being just a bus ride away from central Sendai; to the north, Iwadeyama was once a castle town and prosperous economic base of the “One-Eyed Dragon” Masamune Date, the powerful samurai warlord who would go on to found Sendai. For a traditional spiritual experience, journey just off the coast of Ishinomaki to Kinkasan Island, considered one of the holiest places in Japan and home to wild deer revered as messengers of the gods. Immerse yourself in Miyagi’s history by taking part in hands-on experiences. Kanrantei in Matsushima is an elegant teahouse that once belonged to Masamune Date, where nowadays visitors can enjoy matcha tea and sweets, while Takeikougeikan in Iwadeyama lets visitors dress in real samurai armor and stroll the historical district.

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