Matsushima Bay

Legendary temples and shrines, iconic coastal landscapes, and delicious seafood

Matsushima: a name that connotes beauty and longing. A mystical landscape said to resemble paradise. Follow in the footsteps of the monks, poets and artists who have made spiritual journeys to Matsushima for over one thousand years. Watch as the sunrise silhouettes the 260 pine-topped islets against a sea of golden rays. Linger as the evening mist enshrouds the islets, a sumi-e ink painting come to life. Time your visit right and witness the full moon illuminate a golden path through the bay. Slow down and let the ever-changing yet timeless beauty of Matsushima inspire you.


The Matsushima Bay area is centered on a historical waterfront sightseeing district developed around National Treasure Zuiganji Temple. Offshore lie numerous islands accessible by foot or boat. To the east lies the natural Oku-Matsushima area, home to the craggy Sagakei Gorge and idyllic Tsukihama swimming beach. To the south lies local surf haven Shichigahama and the seafood paradise of Shiogama, known for its fish markets and high concentration of sushi restaurants.

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