Wonders of Tohoku awaiting to be uncovered

  • Although Japan's Tohoku Region, of which Miyagi is a part, is lesser known internationally, it offers numerous hidden gems to be discovered. From the regional hub of Sendai you can easily access almost anywhere in the region, especially Miyagi's neighboring prefectures. Enrich your journey by exploring alternative Japan.


  • Magnificent display of samurai ceremonies, horse-riding race, and martial skills is a must-see in Soma, Fukushima Prefecture. The three-day festival is rooted in the area's horse-breeding tradition, also assuming a role of the symbol of hope and resilience after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.


  • Enjoy the view from and with temples scattered on a steep mountain slope. With more than 1000 years of history, religious prestige and renowned scenic beauty of Yamadera have attracted numerous visitors for centuries, including famous haiku poet Basho Matsuo. Today, direct train connection from Sendai Station has made it a classic go-to place for visitors and locals alike.


  • Temples, gardens and archaeological sites conjure up unique Buddhist vision in Hiraizumi, Iwate Prefecture. Mesmerizing Konjikido the golden hall is thought to have contributed to ancient Japan's reputation as a country of gold, while garden of Motsu-ji evokes the sense of ideal land realized on earth.


  • Ride on a boat and enjoy breathtaking view of the gorge, changing its expression season by season. Framed by the cliff, this 2-km gorge is packed with natural spectacles, such as a waterfall, picturesque rocks, and limestone caves. During the winter, you can enjoy the view with nabe hot pot dish served on the boat!

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