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Mt. Kurikoma Hiking

栗駒山 | Mount Kurikoma

Incredible vistas, fall foliage, and hot springs

Photo by Wesley Keppel-Henry

Photo by Roger Smith

Photo by Wesley Keppel-Henry

Photo by Wesley Keppel-Henry

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    October 15, 2019


  • Mt. Kurikoma is a favorite hiking and fall color destination, a day hike suitable for any reasonably fit hiker. The effort-to-payoff ratio is fantastic—after just a little over an hour’s climb along the Higashi Kurikoma route, the trail breaks the treeline and flattens out onto a plateau revealing a vast panorama of distant peaks piercing through a sea of clouds.

    The second and final leg of the ascent to the 1,626-meter high summit is steep but seduces with unbroken views of the mountainous panorama from an ever-higher perspective. Following the Sukawa trail down off the summit takes hikers down the Iwate side of the mountain. The unbroken panoramas persist until the trail descends below the treeline, into volcanic terrain and, in autumn, a blaze of fall foliage. The trail ends at Sukawa Onsen.

    The route described is a through-hike ascending from Iwakagamidaira (いわかがみ平) via the Higashi Kurikoma (東栗駒) trail, then descending into Sukawa Onsen via the Sukawa (須川) trail. That route is convenient during fall color season, the only time of year the Koyogo bus is in operation. The bus running between Sukawa Onsen and Ichinoseki Station operates the entire green season (late April–early November). Spring and summer hikers wishing to use public transportation can opt for a a loop hike starting from and finishing at Sukawa Onsen. Those with a car could also do a loop hike on the Miyagi side of the mountain, ascending via the Higashi Kurikoma trail and descending via the central Chuo (中央) trail.

    A dip in the rustic open-air bath at Sukawa Onsen is a must before catching a bus back to town!

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Kurihara City, Miyagi Prefecture


To Iwakagami Taira

95 minutes by bus from Ishikoshi Station (石越駅) or 70 minutes by bus from Kurikomakogen Station (栗駒高原駅). Board Koyogo (紅葉号) bus bound for Iwakagami Taira (栗駒山いわかがみ平). Alight at Iwakagami Taira, the final stop. Koyogo bus runs weekends & holidays during fall color season (late September–late October only. See timetable here.

To Sukawa Onsen trailhead

90 minutes by bus from Ichinoseki Station (一ノ関駅). Board Sukawa Onsen Line (須川温泉線) bus bound for Sukawa Onsen (須川温泉). Alight at Sukawa Onsen, the final stop. Bus runs April 26–November 3 for 2019. Timetables here (weekdays) and here (weekend & holidays).






24/7, but unlit at night


Winter season is early November–late April. Please refrain from hiking during this time without proper winter mountaineering equipment and experience.

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