Northern Miyagi

Land colorfully manifesting its vitality

Lotus-filled marshes, mountains lush with vegetation, rustic hot springs—the land of northern Miyagi teems with bucolic vitality. Enjoy seasonal spectacles and a culture tied to land’s natural bounty, including onsen hot springs, traditional wooden handicrafts, rice farming, and a samurai heritage that was the origin of the Sendai clan.


The wetland areas of Tome and Kurihara fill with thousands of migratory geese and swans, who winter at the marshes here. In summer, the water’s surface disappears under a carpet of lotus flowers.


Westward, wetlands and plains give way to the Ou mountains of northern Miyagi. Mount Kurikoma is a popular hiking destination, renowned for its delicate alpine wildflowers, dramatic autumn foliage, and unkai (sea of clouds). Nestled in the foothills is Naruko Onsen, a charming community of hot spring villages with a long-standing tradition of toji, in which people come and stay at simple accommodations for weeks at a time in order to relax and recuperate in the healing waters.

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