Start your journey from the country capital

  • With a population of one million—the largest in the Tohoku region—Sendai is bustling with shopping and commerce. More than another busy metropolis, in this "City of Trees," you can also hike, ski, and camp without ever leaving the city. The Sendai area includes Sendai Airport and a major ferry terminal which, combined with the bus and train hub of Sendai Station, make Sendai the perfect gateway to northeastern Japan. Come for its unique mix of urban nightlife, compact shopping district, natural attractions, and diverse culinary options.


Busy shopping arcades of downtown Sendai. Along with nationwide franchises and international brands, you can find local shops and specialty stores selling traditional and contemporary goods.


Miyagi's strong farming heritage, great seafood, and sake-making tradition come together in Sendai with excellent dining options for every budget and diet.


Just a quick train or bus ride from downtown Sendai brings you to the mountains, to the ocean, or to a rural town. Sendai's a perfect base from which to explore the region.