The gateway of Miyagi has a balance of urban and natural

Sendai, the largest city in Miyagi and the Tohoku region, is your gateway to northern Japan. Sendai is located just 90 minutes from Tokyo by shinkansen bullet train. From Sendai Station, you can reach all six prefectures of Tohoku by rail in under 80 minutes. More than just a convenient transportation hub, the Sendai area is a destination in its own right as well. Get a taste of city life enjoying the ample shopping and dining options downtown, by day along streets like the tree-lined Jozenji-dori Avenue and by night in retro yokocho neighborhoods and Kokubuncho, Tohoku’s largest nightlife district. Sendai City is also rich in culture, with centers of contemporary culture like sendai mediathque neighboring historical sites like the Aoba Castle site and the Zuihoden mausoleum. For relaxation closer to nature, head by train or bus to the Akiu and Sakunami Onsen neighborhoods on the outskirts of Sendai, where you’ll find not only natural hot springs, but also scenery like Akiu Otaki Falls and gourmet fare ranging from exquisite local vegetables to locally-produced alcohol. The Miyagikyo Whisky Distillery is located in the Sakunami Onsen area, while Akiu Winery has its vineyards and tasting room in the Akiu Onsen area.


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