Sanriku Coast

Experience a modern seafaring culture through all five senses

The Sanriku area is known for its scenic rugged coastline and delicious seafood. Kesennuma City, home to one of Japan’s largest fishing ports, is a haven for seafood lovers. Enjoy ultra-fresh seafood on the cheap at eateries all over town; tour the Kesennuma Fish Market or an oyster farm for a peek behind the curtain. Beyond the cities and towns, the wilderness of the Sanriku area is dynamic and liminal: a windswept ria coast with open ocean to the east and mountains to the west. Feel it at its most wild in the Sanriku Fukko National Park, which can be hiked via the Michinoku Coastal Trail. Easily accessible highlights of the Park include Cape Iwaisaki and Kodanohama Beach, named one of the nation’s best beaches. The Sanriku area is also home to two of the most unique and enjoyable minor islands in all of Japan: Cat Island Tashirojima is home to hundreds of friendly felines; Kinkasan is a holy island where wild deer considered sacred messengers of the gods roam freely. These islands are accessible by boat from Ishinomaki City in the southern part of the Sanriku area, about one hour from Sendai Station by train.


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