Sanriku Coast

Experience a modern seafaring culture through all five senses

The Sanriku Coast, with its dramatic cliffs, countless coves, beautiful Pacific vistas and abundant marine life, has become a destination for seafood fans and active travelers. It lies at the meeting point of a warm and a cold ocean current, resulting in a diversity of sea life which supports one of the three greatest fishing grounds in the world. Visitors can appreciate the seafaring culture through the eyes of local residents who gain their livelihood from the sea and respect its incredible power. Savor seafood caught the same day, watch the sunset from a fishing boat, and try your hand at fishing or making sushi!


The Sanriku area starts from Ishinomaki, famous for Cat Island Tashirojima, the holy island Kinkasan where sacred deer roam wild, and the hilly Oshika Peninsula with dramatic ocean views and smooth roads cyclists will love. Neighboring Onagawa is attracting a new generation of artisans and entrepreneurs thanks to its revitalized downtown area. Further north, in Minamisanriku, visitors can watch the waves crash against the precipitous Kamiwarizaki cliffs and indulge in a glistening kirakira-don seafood bowl. Furthest north in Miyagi lies Kesennuma, one of Japan’s largest ports. Wake up early to witness a live auction at the fish market or head to Oshima Island for beaches and camping.


The Sanriku Coast suffered heavy damage in the 2011 tsunami. Each town has established memorials and museums which commemorate the tragedy while helping teach others how to protect themselves from similar disasters. As a result of the ongoing recovery efforts, many newcomers have settled in the region and are reinvigorating local culture with innovative new movements. Visit the coast and be part of the recovery.

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