Majestic Nature and Seasonal Beauty

  • The mountainous Mt. Zao area in the southwestern part of Miyagi is renowned for its magnificent beauty. The emerald okama (volcano lake) has long been regarded as sacred, and is now one of symbols that defines Miyagi. Have an offbeat nature experience at the nearby Fox Village, where dozens of foxes greet you. Another feature of this area is its seasonal beauty. As the snowy winter gives way to spring, you can literally enjoy thousands of cherry blossoms lining a river at the Hitome Senbon Zakura. Learn about samurai culture and dress as a warrior at Shiroishi Castle.


The proximity of humans and nature is probably best embodied by the Fox Village, which has recently become a popular tourist destination internationally thanks to social media.


Hitome Senbon Zakura, which translates as "thousand cherry blossoms in one view" is exactly that, an unforgettable panorama of cherry blossoms as far as the eye can see, and one of many seasonal highlights.


Discover the strong samurai history of Shiroishi with its castle, annual re-enactment of a famous battle, and a samurai armor or kimono-wearing experience.

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