Akiu Art & Sendai Culture Tour

From traditional crafts to modern art

Miyagi offers a wide variety of artistic and cultural facilities that cover everything from traditional industries to modern art. Come experience the art and traditional crafts waiting for you in Miyagi!

  • Start
  • 110:00 Sendai Station

    BusApprox. 30 min.

    211:00 Akiu Traditional Craft Village

    Akiu Traditional Craft Village offers intimate experiences of the skills of craftsmen who devote themselves to working by hand together with the nature of Akiu. Experience working by hand yourself in the workshop or find a traditional craft item that you’d love to buy and take home.
    WalkApprox. 23 min.

    312:30 Akiu-sha Lunch

    Akiu-sha is a cafe-restaurant located in a renovated traditional Japanese house. Enjoy fresh local ingredients in spacious settings such as the expansive terrace space.
    WalkApprox. 9 min.

    413:30 Sendai Kaleidoscope Museum

    Sendai Kaleidoscope Museum is home to a large number of precous antiques and works by famous artists from Japan and abroad. In the museum’s experience corner, visitors can make their very own original kaleidoscope.
    WalkApprox. 5 min.

    5Zuiho (Bus stop)

    BusApprox. 46 min.

    6Sendai Station (Bus stop)

    BusApprox. 13 min.

    7Niko Miyagiken-Bijutsukan Mae (Bus stop)

    WalkApprox. 2 min.

    815:40 The Miyagi Museum of Art

    A wide range of genres of art and art works are exhibited, with a focus on works related to Miyagi Prefecture and the Tohoku region. Works on display are regularly changed over in order to create unique exhibits.
    WalkApprox. 4 min.

    917:00 Figure skating monuments International Center Station

    Inside Sendai’s International Center Station is a series of glass monuments to Sendai-born figure skaters Shizuka Arakawa and Yuzuru Hanyu on a base representing Goshikinuma Pond, the birthplace of Japanese figure skating.
    TaxiApprox. 12 min.

    1017:30 sendai medhiatheque

    Designed by renowned architect Toyo Ito, Sendai Mediatheque is a glass-walled building that is a prominent addition to the Jozenji-dori streetscape. Inside the building, visitors will find a museum shop selling books on architecture, design, art, and local culture, as well as craft works by creators living in Tohoku.
    WalkApprox. 4 min.

    1118:00 Kokubuncho Dinner

    Kokubuncho is the largest bustling entertainment area in the Tohoku region. We invite you to enjoy Miyagi sake and cuisine as a memorable end to your trip.

    1219:00 Stroll along Jozenji-dori Avenue - Sendai Pagent of Starlight

    Jozenji-dori Avenue is a spot that symbolizes Sendai, a city known as the City of Trees. The 700 meter stretch of zelkova trees that line Jozenji-dori offer Sendai residents a place for relaxation and refreshment. In winter, the trees along Jozenji-dori Avenue are lit up with illumination in an event called Sendai Pageant of Starlight. With its dreamy, immersive environment, this is a must-see event.
    TrainApprox. 20 min.

    1321:30 Sendai Station

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