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Onikobe Geysers

鬼首かんけつ泉 | Onikobe Kanketsusen

Geysers, open-air hot spring baths, and a steaming waterfall

Photo by Roger Smith

Photo by Roger Smith

Photo by Roger Smith

Photo by Roger Smith

  • *NOTICE: Due to concern over coronavirus, the park’s cafe and shop are closed until further notice. Eggs for the onsen tamago-making experience are still available for purchase—inquire at the ticket window. For details and updates, see here.*

    The Benten Geyser at Onikobe Kanketsusen is the largest geyser of its kind in Japan, shooting water fifteen meters into the air every ten to fifteen minutes. The regularity and height of the eruptions has turned the geyser into a minor tourist attraction, and a “nature theme park” of sorts, with a handful of other volcanic-themed activities, has sprung up around it. There is an open-air hot spring bath, an onsen tamago making area, and a steaming waterfall visitors can view.

    A second, smaller geyser is located next to the park’s rest house. The windows of the cafe on the second-floor overlook it, allowing diners the unique perspective of gazing down upon a geyser as it erupts.



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