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Sendai, the capital of Miyagi, is the largest city in the entire Tohoku region. It is home to more than one million residents and a bustling commercial downtown that is a pleasure to explore day or night.


Coastal communities have a fresh vitality all their own, rooted in natural disaster and resilience. In 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami struck Miyagi, devastating these areas. Recovery from the tremendous destruction has been hard-earned, fueled by the courage and determination of peripatetic volunteers and local residents alike.


Inland, the vibrance of rural communities is the result of the enthusiasm of locals and the inspiration artists have found there. Contemporary museums and artworks have been built in far-flung locations, the settings themselves essential components of the art. Old buildings are being repurposed, new programs initiated. Residents have come to realize the slow, simple pleasures and tasks they take for granted as part of daily life can feel like luxury to visitors, so have begun making these elements of country life accessible to travelers, with an emphasis on hands-on experience and human connection.

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