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Miyagi Prefecture is blessed with diverse natural landscapes that offer ideal settings for exhilarating outdoor adventures, from sandy beaches and craggy coasts to lush forests and misty peaks. Hiking can be enjoyed in all seasons with options for all experience levels. Mount Taihaku presents an accessible and authentic holy mountain experience just 30 minutes from downtown Sendai; head to northern Miyagi to Mount Kurikoma for one of the best day hikes in Japan, with stunning panoramic views that come alive with color each autumn. For those ready for a deeper outdoor experience, Miyagi also has multi-day treks and inviting campgrounds. Miyagi has adventures for each season, like ocean swimming in summer and snow sports in winter. Kodanohama Beach in Kesennuma is ranked as one of Japan’s best swimming beaches, while Mount Zao in southern Miyagi is home to popular ski resorts and powdery backcountry terrain where trekkers can visit imposing snow-blanketed trees known as “snow monsters.”

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