Dramatic landscapes and thrilling experiences within reach

Miyagi is blessed with diverse natural landscapes that offer ideal settings for exhilarating outdoor adventures. From sandy beaches and craggy coasts, to lush forests and misty peaks, Miyagi has it all within reach. Whether it’s the thrill of exploration or an adrenaline rush that drives you, Miyagi’s got something your speed. Race down mountain highways on a road bike; paraglide over the ocean. Hike a volcanic gorge; paddle to uninhabited islands. Visit the same place in a different season and encounter a completely different experience—mountains ideal for skiing and snowboarding become a hiker’s paradise; wetlands covered in tens of thousands of lotus flowers in summer become the wintering grounds of as many migratory birds.


Miyagi’s natural landscapes feel like pristine wilderness yet remain uniquely accessible to adventurers of all abilities, thanks to knowledgeable guides and convenient public transportation. Invigorate with a freewheeling day trip, or immerse yourself in wilderness with overnight stays at trailside campsites or lodges near wild hot springs. Though not physically far from civilization, outdoor adventure in Miyagi will have you feeling worlds away.

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