Mt. Zao

Zao & Togatta Onsen
Hot Spring Tour

This plan allows you to enjoy the famous Zao Mountain’s Okama crater and the historic hot spring town, essential attractions in Miyagi prefecture.

From May to October, you can visit the Okama crater in Zao, the top sightseeing spot in Miyagi Prefecture, using public transportation. Enjoy the atmosphere of the hot spring town at the foot of the mountain in Togatta Onsen while savoring Miyagi’s local cuisine at night.


*From early November to late April, you cannot visit the Okama crater because the Zao Echo Line and High Line are closed for winter. If you want to see Okama in winter, consider joining a “Winter Okama Tour” organized by ski resorts and travel companies at the foot of the mountain.

*Train and bus schedules may change, so please check in advance.

  • Start
  • 19:00 Sendai Station 

    Take the bullet train from Sendai Station to Shiroishi-Zao Station (approximately 13 minutes). Arrive early to avoid missing the bus.
    TrainApprox. 13min

    29:13 Shiraishi Zao Station

    39:38 Take a bus from Shiroishi-Zao Station to Zao Okama.

    Board the Miyagi Kotsu bus, Zao Echo Line “Zao Katta Summit bound.” The journey takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes, arriving at “Zao Katta Summit” at 11:15.
    There are only two buses a day to Zao Okama, so make sure to check the schedule.
    BusApprox. 1 hour and 45 min.

    411:15 Mt. Zao

    Zao Okama is a circular crater lake straddling Yamagata and Miyagi Prefectures, and is called "Okama" because of its shape, which resembles a pot for cooking rice.

    The elevation near the summit is approximately 1,600 m, and since there is a temperature difference from the ground, it is recommended that visitors bring warm clothing. The rest house and observatory at the summit are accessible for wheelchair users, but since it is a mountainous area, wear comfortable sneakers, not sandals or heeled shoes.

    513:00 Bus to Togatta Onsen

    Board the Miyako bus at 13:00 from Zao Katta Summit (approximately 50 minutes). Arrive at Togatta Onsen at 13:50.
    Busapprox. 50 minutes

    6Explore the hot spring town!

    Near the bus stop, you’ll find the “Zao Town Tourist Information Center.” Stop by to pick up a map of the hot spring town. There are many restaurants and souvenir shops. Enjoy the hot spring town's gourmet food, such as hot spring eggs and soft-serve ice cream, while exploring the historic hot spring town.


    Be sure to try the delicious soy milk soft-serve ice cream from Hasegawaya, a shop known for its tasty handmade tofu and fried tofu.

    8Public bathhouse Kami no Yu

    There are two public bathhouses in Togatta Onsen. Kami no Yu is located in the center of the hot spring town. Afternoon hours begin at 15:00, with the last entry at 19:30. There are both hot and lukewarm baths, so it’s suitable everyone, including those who don’t like hot baths. Experience the public bathhouse popular among locals.

    9Take a bus from Togatta to Sendai Station

    To return to Sendai Station, it’s convenient to take a direct bus from Togatta Onsen. The last bus is at 17:00 hour, so please check the schedule.

    1018:30 Dinner at Sendai Station

    The local cuisine restaurant “Miyagi no” is located in the basement of Sendai Station. Why not try the local dishes from the Zao area you visited today? “Shiroishi Umen (U-men)” is a thin, short noodle specialty from Shiroishi City, Miyagi Prefecture. You can also enjoy the classic grilled beef tongue, Miyagi seafood, and Harako meshi bowl. It’s nice to reflect on the day’s journey while enjoying Miyagi’s local gourmet.
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