Matsushima Bay

Matsushima Hatsuhinode Sunrise Cruise

January 1, 2024

松島初日の出クルーズ | Matsushima Hatsuhinode Cruise

Witness the first sunrise of the year together with the breathtaking scenery of Matsushima

  • Hatsuhinode or "first sunrise," is the Japanese tradition of watching the first sunrise of the year in hopes of bringing good luck for the upcoming year. Every year on New Year’s Day, the Matsushima Marubun-kisen Line offers a special cruise in Matsushima Bay in the early morning for the purpose of providing visitors the opportunity to witness hatsuhinode in the breathtaking surroundings of Matsushima, one of the Three Views of Japan. This cruise is extremely popularly among locals and tourists alike. The cruise fills up very quickly, so book your reservations early!

    2024 Schedule

    Cruises provided by Marubun Matsushima Kisen

    Marubun Matsushima Kisen is a company located in Shiogama City that offers two cruise routes. Both depart from Shiogama, with one heading for Matsushima and the other returning to Shiogama.

    Date: January 1, 2024
    Departure Time: 6:20 a.m.
    Boarding Location: Marine Gate Shiogama

    Route (1) - Shiogama → Matsushima
    Travel Time: approx. 90 min.
    Fee: ¥1,600 adults, ¥800 children

    Route (2) - Shiogama Return
    Travel Time: approx. 90-100 min.
    Fee: ¥2,000 adults, ¥1,000 children

    Cruises provided by Matsushima Shima-meguri Sightseeing Cruise

    Matsushima Shima-meguri provides standard loop-route course departing and returning to Matsushima.

    Date: January 1, 2024
    Departure Time: 6:20 a.m.
    Boarding Location: Matsushima Sightseeing Boat Pier
    Travel Time: approx. 80 min.
    Fee: ¥1,500 adults, ¥750 children

  • Matsushima Bay





Marine Gate Shiogama / Matsushima Sightseeing Boat Pier
*The map shown above is the location of Marine Gate Shiogama.


Marine Gate Matsushima:: 1 Chome-4-1 Minatomachi, Shiogama, Miyagi Prefecture 985-0016
Matsushima Sightseeing Boat Pier: Namiuchihama Matsushima, Miyagi District, Miyagi Prefecture 981-0213


Marine Gate Matsushima: 10-minute walk from Hon-Shiogama Station (Senseki Line)
Matsushima Sightseeing Boat Pier: 7-minute walk from Matsushima-Kaigan Station (Senseki Line)

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