Exploring Sendai’s History and Culture on the Loople Bus

Explore the tourist spots in central Sendai for a great deal, using Loople Sendai.

Loople Sendai is a circular bus that goes around the central Sendai tourist spots in about 80 minutes. Its tram-like design and retro colors are popular among tourists and Sendai citizens alike. The barrier-free interior ensures wheelchair users can ride with ease.


Loople Sendai operates at 30-minute intervals on weekdays and 20-minute intervals on weekends and holidays. The one-day pass is a great deal for people who plan to get on and off the bus more than three times. Users can purchase the pass at major hotels in the city. Passes are also sold on board, but there’s a limited amount, so it’s recommended to buy in advance.


For more information, please check the official website.

Loople Sendai Official Page


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  • Start
  • 1Sendai Station West Exit Bus Terminal

    The starting point of Loople Sendai is the bust stop 16 at the West Exit Bus Terminal in front of the Sendai Station. Look for the red bus stop with the Loople Sendai mark. One-day passes are sold at the information center in front of it as well.
    BusApprox. 13 min

    2Zuihoden Mausoleum

    Get off at Zuihoden-mae, the fourth stop from Sendai Station. Visit the Zuihoden mausoleum of Lord Date Masamune. Show your one-day pass for a discounted admission fee.
    BusApprox. 13 min

    3Sendai Castle Site (Aoba Castle)

    Board the Loople Sendai at Zuihoden-mae and get off at Sendai Castle Site. This is a scenic spot overlooking Sendai city. The castle was the residence of the Date family. It is also called Aoba Castle because it was built on Mt. Aoba. If you have time, take a look at the Aoba Castle Museum as well. Show your one-day pass for a discount on admission fees.
    BusApprox. 20 min.

    4Osaki Hachimangu Shrine

    The shrine’s main hall is designated as a National Treasure and is worth a visit. This luxurious and gorgeous building displays the Azuchi-Momoyama culture established by Lord Date Masamune.
    The annual Dontosai Festival is famous nationwide and is held on January 14 at Osaki Hachimangu Shrine, featuring naked pilgrimages.

    Present your one-day pass at the ceremony building to receive a postcard and a worship guide.
    BusApprox. 12 min


    Get off at Jozenji-dori Shiyakusho-mae and explore Kokubuncho. Once a flourishing area along the Oshu Route during the Edo period, it is now the largest entertainment district in the Tohoku region. It’s quiet during the day, but at night, people gather at izakayas, Japanese restaurants, and bars, creating a lively atmosphere.

    Try Sendai specialties originating from Kokubuncho, including Sendai Beef Tongue and Robatayaki. Enjoy a Reggae Punch cocktail, a mix of peach liqueur and oolong tea, that is known only to Sendai locals. You might also want to search for a dinner spot here.
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