Akiu Retreat: Onsen, Winery, Crafts Village

Akiu Onsen is about 50 minutes from Sendai Station by bus. With more than one bus per hour, it’s an easily accessible hot spring area.

Akiu Onsen is a short distance from the Sendai city center. While staying at hotels and ryokan inns is recommended, there are many hot springs in Akiu that can be visited as a day trip. Relax at a day-use hot spring, enjoy a meal with local Miyagi ingredients for lunch, explore the nearby area, and enjoy the natural beauty of Miyagi in all seasons. This is a suggested itinerary, but it’s also fun to find your own way to enjoy Akiu.

  • Start
  • 1From Sendai Station, take the Sendai Seibu Liner bus to Akiu.

    This time, we introduce the Akiu-Kawasaki Sendai Seibu Liner bus operated by Takeya Kotsu. There are also buses to Akiu Onsen from Miyagi Kotsu. Please be careful as the bus stops are different for each company.

    You can check the timetable and bus stop locations on the Takeya Kotsu website:
    Busapprox. 50 min

    2Akiu Onsen

    The Seibu Liner has bus stops at hotels, ryokan inns, and tourist spots in the Akiu Onsen area, enabling users to get off at their desired hot spring accommodation. This time, get off at Hotel Zuiho and start by taking a dip in the hot spring.

    3Day-use hot spring at Hotel Zuiho

    Hotel Zuiho offers hot springs without reservations. Check in at the reception. Since towel rental is available, you don’t need to bring anything. Enjoy a large public bath and six types of open-air baths.
    Walkapprox. 2 min.

    4Lunch at Akiusha

    A short walk from Hotel Zuiho, Akiusha is a cafe-restaurant in a renovated old house. Enjoy healthy meals made with local vegetables and Miyagi ingredients.
    Walkapprox. 10 minutes

    5Explore Akiu: Rairaikyo Gorge

    Cross the Shin Akiu Bridge over the Natori River to reach the Rairaikyo Nature Trail. This area has a beautiful gorge that was formed by the narrow, fast-flowing river cutting through both banks. Enjoy a walk while admiring the strangely shaped rocks and the changing scenery of each season.

    6Akiu Winery

    Once you reach the Nozoki Bridge entrance/exit of Rairaikyo Gorge’s walking trail, head to the nearby Akiu Winery. The winery has vineyards on its premises and produces various wines. There is also a cafe space offering not only wine, but also coffee, soft-serve ice cream, and juice, so even those who don’t drink alcohol can enjoy it. You can also purchase your favorite wine.
    Carapprox. 12 minutes

    7Akiu Traditional Craft Village

    If it’s still before 16:00 at this point, you might want to extend your visit to explore Akiu Traditional Craft Village. Return to Nozoki Bridge from Akiu Winery and walk towards Akiu-Sato Center. A bus departs from Akiu-Sato Center and arrives at Akiu Traditional Craft Village in about 12 minutes.
    This is a place where various craft workshops and shops gather. It’s recommended for those interested in traditional crafts such as kokeshi dolls, Sendai tansu, and umoregi woodwork.

    8Bus to Sendai Station

    The last bus from Akiu Craft Village to Sendai is at 17:04. If you miss it, don’t worry; you can walk back to Akiu-Sato Center (about 20 minutes away), where there are buses to Sendai.
    Akiu Onsen has many other enjoyable places to visit and is attractive because it’s easily accessible from Sendai Station. Find your favorite hot springs and shops to enjoy.
    Busapprox. 50 min.

    9Sendai Station

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