Sakunami Bliss: Onsen & Whisky Tour

Tour of hot springs and whisky distillery

Miyagi has many unique hot spring (onsen) villages including both famous and secluded spots. We invite you to enjoy a hot springs trip that offers a relaxing time of healing for body and mind.

  • Start
  • 110:00 Sendai Station

    BusApprox. 40 min.

    211:00 Sakunami Onsen Hot spring tour

    Surrounded by beautiful mountains, Sakunami Onsen has long been known as Sendai's inner parlor. It is also known as the "hot spring for making beautiful women" because of its abundant and gentle water. Please enjoy a tour of the hot springs at one of the four inns that offer day-trip bathing.
    BusApprox. 10 min

    3Nikka Bridge (Bus stop)

    WalkApprox. 5 min.

    413:45 Nikka Whisky Factory Lunch and factory tour

    The distillery in Miyagikyo offers a factory tour where you can learn about the manufacturing process and history of Nikka Whisky and also enjoy a a paid whisky tasting session. The product lineup also offers a great selection of items including limited edition products for sale.
    WalkApprox. 5 min.

    5Nikka Bridge (Bus stop)

    BusApprox. 10 min.

    6Sakunami Onsen Motoyu(Bus stop)

    WalkApprox. 2 min.

    715:30 Hiraga Kokeshi Store Kokeshi doll painting

    Enjoy an experience of painting Sakunami kokeshi dolls, which have a history of 150 years. Hiraga Kokeshi Store has a wide selection of kokeshi dolls with unique facial expressions that are perfect as souvenir items.
    WalkApprox. 5 min.

    817:00 Sakunami Onsen entrance(Bus stop)

    BusApprox. 45 min.

    918:00 Strolling and shopping in Sendai’s arcades and along Jozenji-dori Avenue.

    The city of Sendai has many shopping streets with long, colorful histories. These streets also have many restaurants offering Miyagi gourmet experiences at reasonable prices.

    We invite you to enjoy a stroll through central Sendai as you snack on a local Sendai speciality product such as a zunda shake made from zunda mochi, a local Miyagi confectionary item; or hyotan-age, kamaboko fish cakes deep fried in batter.
    WalkApprox. 10 min.

    1019:00 Jozenji-dori Avenue Sendai Pagent of Starlight

    Jozenji-dori Avenue symbolizes Sendai, a city known as the City of Trees. The 700-meter stretch of zelkova trees that line Jozenji-dori offer Sendai residents a place for relaxation and refreshment. In winter, the trees along the avenue are lit up with illumination for the Sendai Pageant of Starlight. With its dreamy, immersive environment, this is a must-see event.

    1119:30 Dinner in Kokubuncho

    Kokubuncho is the largest bustling entertainment area in the Tohoku region. We invite you to enjoy Miyagi sake and cuisine as a memorable end to your trip.
    WalkApprox. 20 min.

    1221:30 Sendai Station

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