Shiogama & Matsushima
Historic Trek

A historical journey by train and sightseeing cruise


  • Start
  • 110:00 Sendai Station

    TrainApprox. 15 min.

    210:45 Shiogama-Jinja Shrine and Shiwahiko-Jinja Shrine

    Shiogama-jinja Shrine, which boasts a history of over 1,200 years, and Shiwahiko Shrine, which was moved to its current location in 1874, enshrine the guardian deities of the region. The precincts contain 14 main shrine buildings designated as national important cultural properties, a Japanese garden, and about 300 cherry trees that include 40 different varieties.

    312:13 Hon-shiogama Station

    TrainApprox. 2 min.

    412:15 Higashi-shiogama Station

    WalkApprox. 15 min.

    512:30 Shiogama Seafood Wholesale Market

    Shiogama Seafood Wholesale Market is located in Shiogama Port, which boasts one of Japan’s largest tuna catches. The market is a lively spot, lined with shop after shop, and features a corner where visitors can create their own combination bowls of seafood they’ve bought and would like to eat on the premises. Enjoy eating fresh seafood at the market!
    WalkApprox. 20 min.

    614:00 Shiogama Port (Marine Gate Shiogama) Transfer to Matsushima with Marubun Matsushima Kisen sightseeing boat

    Enjoy a short sea trip on the Marubun Matsushima Kisen sightseeing boat departing from Marine Gate Shiogama passenger terminal. The boat travels on the waters between Shiogama and Matsushima as it tours the Matsushima islands, offering a sea-route to Matsushima.
    BoatApprox. 60 min.

    715:00 Matsushima kaigan Rest House

    WalkApprox. 5 min.

    815:05 Zuiganji Temple

    Zuiganji Temple, which is designated as a national treasure and a national important cultural property, was under repair for a period of 10 years until 2018. This allows visitors to now enjoy the original appearance of the temple, which the Sendai lord, Date Masamune, put heart and soul into completing. Also definitely worth a visit is the temple museum, where priceless items from the collection are on display.
    WalkApprox. 6 min.

    915:30 Godaido Temple

    The symbol of Matsushima, Godaido is a small temple hall that was built in 807 and later re-built to its current appearance by lord Date Masamune. A scenic spot that overlooks Matsushima Bay, it is also a designated national important cultural property.
    WalkApprox. 7 min.

    1017:00 Entsuin illumination

    Strongly influenced by Western culture, Entsu-in Temple contains a painting of a Western rose inside the right door of its miniature shrine. It is said to be the oldest such image in Japan. The temple is designated as a national important cultural property and is also famous for its autumn foliage. This is a delightful place to enjoy illumination in the fall.

    1118:30 Dinner in Matsushima (near Matsushima Kaigan Station)

    Enjoy a meal of Miyagi cuisine such as oysters, which are a Matsushima specialty, fresh seafood, beef tongue, sake, and more.

    1219:50 Matsushima Kaigan Station

    TrainApprox. 40 min.

    1320:30 Sendai Station

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