Matsushima Bay

Wandering Throung Matsushima Bay's Allure

Just 30 minutes from Sendai, Matsushima offers scenic views of the Matsushima Bay, historic temples, and Shiogama's famous sushi and tuna market

The Matsushima area, 30 minutes from Sendai, is home to the iconic Matsushima Bay, one of the Three Most Scenic Places of Japan. Cruises, stand-up paddleboard tours, the Oku-Matsushima Olle Trail, and hot spring hotels in Matsushima offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy the view. Accessible islands such as Fukuurajima and historical sites such as Godaido and Zuiganji temples are part of the experience. The nearby city of Shiogama, the “sushi capital of Japan,” is known for its high concentration of sushi restaurants and the largest catch of tuna in Japan.

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