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Whisky, Hot Springs and Mountains

Journey west from downtown Sendai to Sakunami Onsen and Yamadera

Explore picturesque mountain temples of Yamadera and stay over in Sakunami Onsen with its impressive hot spring baths with river views and one of Japan’s leading whisky distilleries.

  • Start
  • 18:18 Sendai Station

    Take Senzan Line to arrive at Yamadera Station at 9:13
    Train53 min.

    29:13 Yamadera Station

    Walk10 min.

    39:30 Yamadera

    Walk from the station through the pleasant town and then climb to the top of Yamadera. (1.5 hours round-trip). Stop along the way and try konnyaku balls with a touch of spicy mustard.

    411:30 Soba Lunch

    Try handmade country soba noodles at one of the restaurants in Yamadera near the river
    Walk10 min.

    51:16 Yamadera Station

    Take the 1:16 train back towards Sendai to arrive at Sakunami Station at 1:37
    Train21 min.

    61:37 Sakunami Station

    On weekends there is a free shuttle bus from Sakunami Station to Nikka Whisky Miyagikyo Distillery. At other times you can take a taxi or walk (<30 min.)
    Taxi<6 min.

    7Nikka Whisky Miyagikyo Distillery

    Take part in a distillery tour (70 min. on the half-hour with last tour at 3:30) with a sample of whisky at the end. Find distillery-only whiskies at the gift shop and try rare varieties at the tasting corner (fee).
    Taxi10 min.

    8Stay at Sakunami Onsen

    Take a taxi to an onsen hotel in Sakunami, such as Sakunami Ichinobo. Relax in the hot springs baths and enjoy a special dinner at the hotel.
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