Northern Miyagi

Iwadeyama & Naruko
Hot Spring Tour

Explore samurai tradition and onsen communities in northern Miyagi

Experience a rich fusion of nature and culture in Northern Miyagi!


Follow the trace of prominent samurai culture in Iwadeyama, which is also home to some lovely restaurants. Immerse yourself (literally!) in the onsen culture of Naruko, a community which boasts eight our of the ten onsen types found in Japan. In Naruko, you'll find adorable cafes with friendly owners, and traditional crafts studios where, if you're lucky, you can see famous kokeshi artisans at work.


Please note that train times may be revised, and some extra trains are during certain periods, so please double-check in advance!

  • Start
  • 108:58 Sendai Station

    08:58 Shinkansen train to arrive at Furukawa Station at 9:11.
    8-minute wait at Furukawa Station
    Train13 min.

    209:19 Furukawa Station

    9:19 train from Furukawa Station arrives at Iwadeyama Station at 09:37
    Train18 min.

    39:37 Iwadeyama Station

    Walk7 min.

    409:50 Bamboo Craft Museum (45 minutes)

    Try a hands-on experience related to Iwadeyama's traditional bamboo crafts (reservation required), which were once used widely across Miyagi.
    Walk7 min.

    510:45 Yubikan (30 minutes)

    Don't miss Yubikan, the oldest existing school building in Japan, which sits in front of Yubikan Station.

    6Lunch in Iwadeyama

    Iwadeyama has a number of great places for lunch. キッチン食堂城山 (Kitchen Shokudo Shiroyama) serves delightful home-style meals; ひとつぶ堂 (Hitotsubu-do) is a famous rustic bakery well-known to foodies in Miyagi; if you have a car, or don't mind using a taxi, 手打そば もみじ野 (Teuchi-soba Momijino) is a little bit far from central Iwadeyama but well worth a visit with great soba and beautiful surroundings.

    7Yubikan Station

    Return to Yubikan Station to catch the 12:36 train. As the next one is at 14:19, make sure you are on time!

    12:36 Rikuu-East Line to arrive at Naruko Goten-yu Station at 12:56
    Train18 min

    8Naruko Goten-yu Station

    Walk5 min.

    913:00 Ryokan Ohnuma (40 minutes)

    Relax in the diverse hot springs offered in Ryokan Ohnuma.
    Taxi5 min.

    1014:00 Naruko-onsen Station

    Walk2 min.

    1114:05 Fukase

    Stop by Fukase for fine Japanese sweets perfect for your own snack or for a souvenir. They sell out quickly, so don't wait to purchase them. Explore the neighborhood with its many stores selling handcrafts and local goods.
    Walk1 min.

    1214:30 Sakurai Kokeshi

    Discover kokeshi, a quintessential traditional craft of Miyagi. Sakurai Kokeshi is one of the prefecture's most renowned craft studios, and you can try painting a kokeshi yourself.
    Walk7 min.

    1315:30 Takinoyu

    If you're an onsen-lover, a public onsen Takinoyu in Naruko is a must. It is one of the oldest in the region, and has been a center of the community's onsen culture.
    Walk3 min.


    Enjoy a conversation with the friendly owner of Cafe Tamagoya, with his handmade desserts and coffee.

    15Stroll around Naruko

    Take a walk around Naruko Onsen. There is a small shopping street that sells local specialties; more kokeshi studios for exploring different styles and more onsen, in case you haven't had enough of it!

    1617:16 Naruko-onsen Station

    17:16 Rikuu East Line to Furukawa
    7-minute wait at Furukawa Station
    18:06 Shinkansen to Sendai Station
    Train63 min.

    17Sendai Station

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