Sanriku Coast

Revealing Sanriku Coastal Charm

Known for its rugged coastline and seafood, Sanriku offers the fresh cuisine of Kesennuma City, Sanriku Fukko National Park, and unique islands such as Cat Island

Famous for its rugged coastline and seafood, the Sanriku area includes Kesennuma City and one of Japan's most productive fishing ports. It offers fresh seafood, tours of fish markets and oyster farms, and the dynamic Sanriku Fukko National Park, which includes the Michinoku Coastal Trail, Cape Iwaisaki, and Kodanohama Beach. Unique attractions include Tashirojima Cat Island and sacred Kinkasan Island, accessible from Ishinomaki City, one hour from Sendai.

  • Start
  • 1Day1, Depart Kesennuma Station

    WalkApprox. 35 min

    2Shark Museum

    Among the fish landed in Kesennuma, sharks are especially famous. Kesennuma boasts the largest shark catch in Japan and is also known as a producer of high-quality shark fins. The Kesennuma Uminoichi Shark Museum is the only shark museum in Japan.
    WalkApprox. 3 min

    3Mishione Yokocho

    4Shark dishes (shark fin)

    If you come to Kesennuma City, you should try some shark dishes. Kesennuma has a thriving longline fishing industry for tuna and swordfish, and catches a large number of sharks. Gradually, the number of shark processing companies has increased, and because of friendly competition among these companies, the city has become known as the shark fin production center in Japan.
    WalkApprox. 20 min

    5Kesennuma City Hall bus stop (Kesennuma Shimin Bus, Oshima Line)

    BusApprox. 25 min

    6Uranohama (Kesennuma Oshima Welcome Terminal)

    BusApprox. 35 min



    Kesennuma Ohshima (KYUKAMURA)

    9Mt. Kameyama - A moment of healing on a starry island

    Kesennuma is also known as a port city with a beautiful starry sky. Take a guided tour from the top of Mt. Kameyama on Kesennuma Oshima to see the night view of the unique local coastline and the starry night.

    10Day2, 11:00 Depart Kesennuma Station

    *Walking through Kesennuma on the Miyagi Olle Trail is also a great idea.
    Kesennuma/Karakuwa Trail Course (Miyagi Olle)
    Visit Kesennuma
    BusApprox. 90 min(Kesennuma BRT Line)

    11Shizugawa Station 

    WalkApprox. 10 min

    12Minamisanriku Sun Sun Shopping Village

    13Minamisanriku Kirakira Don

    As the name suggests, it tastes as amazing as it looks. This dish is a seasonal specialty, featuring a hearty portion of seafood in season for spring, summer, fall and winter.
    WalkApprox. 1 min

    14MINAMISANRIKU 311 Memorial

    The Minamisanriku 311 Memorial consists of exhibits that provide basic information about the Great East Japan Earthquake and testimonies of local residents that will be passed on to future generations, as well as a theater and art exhibits.
    WalkApprox. 15 min

    15Minamisanriku Winery

    The Minami Sanriku Winery was founded with the desire to "convey the region's nature, food, and people through wine-related stories." New initiatives such as "underwater aged wine" are also being developed here. Enjoy the marriage of sea and mountains.
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