Photo by Wesley Keppel-Henry

Photo by Nishant Annu

Photo by Wesley Keppel-Henry

  • Kesennuma is one of Japan’s 13 National Fishing Ports and, as a result, is home to many industries that serve to support the lifeblood fishing industry. Perhaps the most important of these supporting industries is commercial-grade ice production. Ice manufacturing might not be something the average person thinks much about, but in a port town like Kesennuma it’s an essential commodity for preserving the freshness of the day’s catch. The Ice Aquarium showcases both the engineering talent of Kesennuma’s ice specialists and the diversity of local fisheries. In addition, for groups who make a reservation in advance, the people at Okamoto Seihyo even offer tours of their ice-manufacturing facility.

    The Ice Aquarium is located on the first floor of Umi no Ichi, the largest tourist facility in Kesennuma. Before entering the “aquarium,” guests are given winter coats to put on, as the air inside is kept at a chilly -20 degrees Celsius. Inside, there are 450 specimens of locally-caught fish representing 80 different species, all suspended in blocks of ice. The colorful lighting, seasonal ice sculptures, and Ice Photobooth make the place an Instagrammer’s delight.

    Local Voice

    If you’re travelling to Kesennuma with a group of friends, I highly recommend making a reservation for a tour of the Okamoto Seihyo Ice Factory. Not only will the tour give you look at how the magic behind the Ice Aquarium works, you’ll also see how the people at Okamoto Seihyo work to make the best quality ice and deliver it to wherever it’s needed in town, whether that be the Kesennuma Fish Market, or to the fishing ships themselves.

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7-13 Uoichibamae, Kesennuma, Miyagi 988-0037


Ice Aquarium: A 17-minute walk from Minami-Kesennuma Station, or 10 minutes by bus from Kesennuma Station. Board clockwise (時計回り) city loop (市内循環) bus, alight at Umi no Ichi-mae (海の市前) bus stop. Timetable here.

Ice factory: A 19-minute walk from Minami-Kesennuma Station, or a 5-minute walk from the Kawarada・Umi no Ichi Iriguchi (河原田・海の市入り口) bus stop.


Ice Aquarium only: ¥600 adults, ¥400 elementary school students


Not accepted


Limited English


Monday - Friday 10:00~17:00 Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 9:00~17:00 4/29・30 9:00~17:00 5/1~5/8 9:00~18:00


Regular holiday of UMI NO ICHI