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Miyagi Travel Tips


We believe Miyagi offers one of the most diverse ranges of accommodations in the Tokoku region. Our list of accommodations is nowhere near exhaustive, but you can start your search on our accommodation page.


Visit Miyagi Accommodation Page


2Accommodation: Private-Home Lodgings (Minpaku)

Please note that minpaku, or private-home lodgings (such as those offered through Airbnb), are now regulated under the newly implemented Jutaku Shukuhaku Jigyo-ho (Private Lodging Business Act), which went into effect on June 15, 2018. Under this law, all operators of such lodgings, including those operating through sites such as Airbnb, are required to adhere to certain requirements and register with the government before starting such a business. Local governments may have their own additional regulations concerning minpaku. If you’re interested in staying at such a property, we recommend confirming its registration status with the owner beforehand, as those operating illegally may be shut down, voiding guests’ bookings without warning.


3Accommodation: Staying on Budget

There are many good budget-accommodation options in Miyagi, establishments which offer social and cultural experiences in addition to wallet-friendly stays. There are a number of guesthouses and hostels in Sendai, Matsushima and elsewhere, some of which organize activities and meet-ups open to guests as well as residents of the local community.


Miyagi offers a traditional budget hot springs stay called toji. Toji is the practice of staying at a rather simple onsen (hot springs) inn, usually in a room equipped with a kitchen, for a week or two at least—time enough to allow the healing powers of the onsen waters to fully take effect. Fewer people nowadays have the time for such a long stay, but it is still practiced at some traditional onsen inns.


Budget Stays

Uchi Matsushima Guesthouse

Hostel Kiko

Guesthouse Kakehashi


Toji Inns
Ryokan Ohnuma

Uba no Yu



We have collected a variety of brochures about various attractions in Miyagi and neighboring prefectures. Take a look at what we’ve gathered so far.


Visit Miyagi Resource page


5Car Rental

If you have an international driver’s permit, using a rental car to visit places in Miyagi may be a desirable option. Compared to places like Tokyo, Miyagi and the neighboring Tohoku prefectures are much larger—places are farther apart and less well-covered by public transportation. Renting a car can be a very convenient means of getting from place to place, and an increasing number of large rental car companies now have English websites.


Comprehensive tips for driving a car in Japan Renting a Car


6Cherry Blossoms / Sakura

Every year, the Japan Meteorological Agency issues the cherry blossom forecast. News based on this forecast can easily be found online. Please note that the forecasts are only predictions, and that the actual timing of the blossoms is subject to the whims of nature.


Hitome Senbon Zakura


7Dietary Restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, halal, etc.)

Though growing in number, restaurants able to accommodate those with dietary restrictions are still relatively few and far between in Miyagi. We have featured a number of delicious establishments catering to those with dietary restrictions on our website. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do and plan to expand our listings in the future.


Visit Miyagi Vegan/Vegetarian

Visit Miyagi Halal Foods


8Drinking water

Tap water in Japan is drinkable unless otherwise stated.


9Emergency telephone numbers

Emergency telephone numbers

In Japan, the main emergency telephone numbers are
Police: 110
Fire/Ambulance: 119


Detailed instructions for calling 110 and 119 can be found here.

National Police Agency


US Embassy: Emergency Contact Instructions


10Family-Friendly Travel

Many family-friendly attractions, hotels, etc. can be found in Miyagi. Have a look at our articles on some family-friendly spots here.


Visit Miyagi Family-Friendly Locations



Miyagi has English-friendly hospitals. Although the availability of English speakers at the moment you contact these hospitals is not guaranteed, a useful list of English-friendly hospitals and clinics can be found here.


Made in Miyagi: Hospitals and Clinics Page


12For Muslim Travelers

Tips and resources for Muslim people traveling in Miyagi can be found in the following PDF. Visit Miyagi has a section for halal-friendly dining throughout the prefecture.


Muslim Travel Guide to Miyagi
Halal-friendly dining


13Natural Disasters

Comprehensive guidelines for what to do if a natural disaster occurs while you are in Miyagi can be found on the following website.


Sendai Tourism Convention and International Association: Multicultural Disaster Prevention


14People with Disabilities

Major train stations and public facilities accommodate people with disabilities, or are designed to be friendly to people with disabilities, as are many privately-operated ones. The Details section under each destination we’ve featured on our site includes basic accessibility information. For more detail, feel free to contact us or the facility directly. If you’re familiar with Japanese, we have a comprehensive guide for people with disabilities traveling around Miyagi available online here.


Miyagi Travel Guide for People with Disabilities


15Public holidays

A list of Japan’s public holidays and associated long weekends are listed below.


Matcha: Japanese Public Holidays And Long Weekends In 2018 And 2019



In general, like most of Japan, Miyagi is a safe place. But that does not mean crimes like theft never occur. We encourage you to never leave your luggage unattended and to keep your belongings with you or stored in a secure place at all times.


17Tourist Information

The Sendai Tourist Information Center is located on the second floor of Sendai Station, with staff members who speak English always available. Another source of information and guidance is i-SENDAI (SENDAI Tourist Information Desk), which is located on a shopping street in downtown Sendai. i-SENDAI also organizes a number of activities for tourists, as found here.

Outside of Sendai, there are a number of tourist information centers. Category 2 and 3 centers always have English-speaking staff available.


i-SENDAI (SENDAI Tourist Information Desk)

JNTO Tourist Information Centers in Miyagi


18What to Wear

Although it widely varies from area to area, please refer to Miyagi’s climate here.


Visit Miyagi: Miyagi’s Climate


19Wi-Fi/Internet access

Free Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly widespread through Miyagi’s Free Wi-Fi service. An overview and instructions for use can be found in the following PDF.


Miyagi Free Wi-Fi(PDF, 4.12MB)


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