Photo by Najwa Mohd

Photo by Najwa Mohd

Photo by Najwa Mohd

  • Mishione Yokocho is a small cluster of restaurants built on a site where a factory once stood, a factory destroyed in the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami. Each establishment occupies its own trailer house, and collectively they serve a wide range of cuisine.

    Mishione Yokocho houses a total of six businesses:

    1. Warung Mahal (ワルンマハール), an Indonesian restaurant
    2. Tsurukame Shokudo (鶴亀食堂), a breakfast joint serving Japanese teishoku made with local seafood
    3. TEN(T), an Okinawan restaurant
    4. Cheers, a Texas-themed bar
    5. Prism, a bar serving cocktails, beer, etc.
    6. Tsurukame no Yu (鶴亀の湯), a sento (public bathouse)

    Surprisingly, there is also a generous Muslim prayer room facility here. The prayer room was originally built for Indonesian laborers living and working in Kesennuma. After the tsunami, many laborers from Indonesia came to Kesennuma to help with disaster recovery efforts and the rebuilding of the local economy and infrastructure.

    The prayer room here is free for use by anyone. The space can accommodate up to fifteen people at a time, and it is properly cleaned and taken care of. You can take wudu in the space provided just outside the prayer room. Prayer mats and clothes are provided. There is also a dividing wall that can be used in case people of different genders are praying at the same time.

    Local Voice

    Last time I was in Kesennuma, I went to Warung Mahal and had their nasi goreng for lunch. Warung Mahal serves Indonesian cuisine made using halal ingredients. The chicken meat used here is halal, so is safe to be eaten by Muslims. Dishes include nasi goreng, satay, and many other Indonesian specialties. You can enjoy your meal in the shop or on the patio outside.

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    October 10, 2023

    Area Sanriku Coast



Uoichiba-Mae 4-5, Kesennuma-shi, Miyagi-ken, 988-0037


10 minutes by bus from Kesennuma Station (気仙沼駅), followed by a 2-minute walk. Board clockwise city loop (市内循環) bus, alight at Umi no Ichi-mae (海の市前) bus stop. Timetable here.


Yokocho & prayer room: Free
Tsurukame no Yu sento: ¥480 adults, ¥160 children ages elementary school to preschool, ¥90 children ages preschool & under


Policy varies by shop
Warung Mahal: accepted
Tsurukame no Yu: Not accepted


Warung Mahal: English
Other shops: Japanese only




Varies by shop
Warung Mahal: 11:00–14:00, 17:00–20:00
Prayer room: Always open
Tsurukame no Yu: 7:00–13:00
*December–June open weekends & holidays only


Varies by shop
Warung Mahal: Tuesdays
Prayer room: Always open
Tsurukame no Yu sento: Weekdays November–April & every day during the New Year's holiday period


Varies by shop
Warung Mahal: 050-3573-4248
Prayer room: 0226-25-8834
Tsurukame no Yu sento: 0226-25-8834



Varies by shop. At Warung Mahal, yes.


Varies by shop. At Warung Mahal, yes.


Varies by shop. At Warung Mahal, no.