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Common-Ship Hashidori

Common-Ship橋通り | Common-Ship Hashidori

An open-air indie food court with its roots in the 2011 tsunami

Photo by Hiromi Furusato

Photo by Hiromi Furusato

Photo by Flavia Fulco

Photo by Flavia Fulco

  • Ishinomaki is one of the cities that suffered major damage in the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, when the tsunami destroyed a large portion of the city, causing the death of almost 4,000 people. The tsunami tore through the commercial district of central Ishinomaki as well, destroying buildings along with the local businesses occupying them.


    In the wake of the disaster, Hashidori Common was one of the initiatives taken to revitalize the local economy, supporting people who had lost their jobs. To understand more, I interviewed Ms. Haruka Miura. She works for Machidzukuri Mambo, the company that created the space and still supports it. Ms. Miura was born and raised in Ishinomaki. She knows the history of Hashidori Common well. She has been involved with the project since the beginning when, as a university student studying in architecture and urban planning, she conducted research on the aftermath of the disaster and started her collaboration with Machidzukuri Mambo. “When it first opened in 2015, Hashidori Common hosted five restaurants in temporary facilities,” she says. While offering the owners an opportunity to regain control over their life after the disaster, Hashidori Common also created a space where locals could gather and socialize, since there were so few businesses active in the town at that time. Hashidori Common, didn’t have a stage, but nevertheless, people improvised musical performances and it soon became a spot where locals and visitors would come to hang out.

In November of 2017, after two and a half years of operation, Hashidori Common was closed down, as the owners of the restaurants had all found permanent locations elsewhere. After hearing it was slated for closure, Ms. Miura recalls thinking that it was going to be a pity for the community to lose such a place: “I thought it was a waste . . . thanks to this place I met a lot of interesting people and there was no other place like it in town.”

With that thought in mind, Machidzukuri Mambo worked to reopen Common with a new layout, transforming it into a more deliberate space where people could meet and spend time, adding a stage and three rental rooms to the original design. The space frequently hosts fun, casual events like food, music, and culture festivals.

Hiromi Furusato

The food court was kept as a core concept of the project. The reincarnated Common-Ship Hashidori opened in April of 2018, six months after the original Hashidori Common was closed. People can buy from any shop they like, then eat in the common dining area. There are currently four restaurants at Common-Ship, each serving different types of food:


1. Yakitori at Hiro (やきとり 広)
2. Teppanyaki at White (鉄板ですWhite)
3. Kushiage at Hohoemi (串揚げ 笑)
4. Natural foods at Sun (自然食食堂さん)

Hiromi Furusato

About the future of Common-Ship, Ms. Miura says “Since Ishinomaki is a town in recovery and many shops have reopened now, probably in the future the concept of “temporary food court” won’t reflect the needs of the town anymore. Even so, we would like to maintain the Common-Ship space as the opportunity it represents. Maybe next time it is renovated, its shape might change again . . . By all means, we would like the space to be kept as ‘common’ even with different features.”

Hiromi Furusato

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    March 26, 2020


  • The idea of a space that changes with the circumstances of the surrounding community represents a good example of sustainable disaster recovery: a project that takes into account the needs of the local population, to help them rebuild their lives as soon as possible, but one that also offers the flexibility to respond to shifting needs and the ongoing process of planning in the direction of a resilient future.


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